fredag 21. november 2014

I've tried a new Nail Polish brand!

So I got this lovely CLIO - Nail Styler S129 Peach Neon off of eBay today, and decided to do a dot-on dot design. I also used Peripera - Rose Nail WH801 Vanilla White and Ruby Kisses MNP10 Silver Bling. 

I have never tried any Clio before, so I was pretty excited. I don't think the pictures does the color any justice. It's a lot brighter and the color really pops! The bottle is really cute, and a lot bigger than it looks from the picture. It's more square, where I thought it was oval. The concistency is very thick. I guess that's because it's a neon and it glows in black-light. They are usually a tad thicker than a lot of normal polishes, is my experience. 

The brush is not too thick and wide. I think it would be very difficult to apply if that was the case, seeing the polish is thick.  I tell you, it's easy to apply. Although it's thick, it doesn't leave streaks from the brush. It evens out. It needs two coats. The polish dries fairly quick. I will probably be buying more of these!! Love it!!!

CLIO also have regular nail polish.

Both the Clio and the Peripera you can get here:

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