mandag 12. januar 2015

Happy New Year & some new manis!

Hi lovelies! Happy new year!!! I have been crazy busy lately with my Korean Cosmetic groups, so I haven't had a lot of time for nail art. I managed to practice a bit though...

mandag 8. desember 2014

Christmas nails and acrylic nails

It's been a while since my last blog now. I've been so busy with my Korean cosmetics group! (It's in Norwegian).  Today I got acrylic nails for the first time. It's a whole other world! Now I have 10 huge canvases to do my nail art on =)

fredag 21. november 2014

I've tried a new Nail Polish brand!

So I got this lovely CLIO - Nail Styler S129 Peach Neon off of eBay today, and decided to do a dot-on dot design. I also used Peripera - Rose Nail WH801 Vanilla White and Ruby Kisses MNP10 Silver Bling. 

søndag 9. november 2014

Shappy chic, Cath Kidston and mllrdesign inspired

My latest mani!  Everything is hand painted. No decals, stickers, stamping. Nothing! All handpainted with my favourite polishes, the Peripera Rose Nail polishes. What do you think? Inspired by mllrdesign

tirsdag 4. november 2014

Now on Instagram!

I finally crumbled and got an IG account... I have no clue how it works, so I better get started. Anyway, here it is... My  IG:

mandag 27. oktober 2014

Glam nails! =)

 What do you think?
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lørdag 25. oktober 2014