lørdag 4. oktober 2014

(More) Peripera

You all know I went a little crazy last week over some Peripera polishes...So I'm searching eBay for more Peripera nail polish and this catches my eye: Peripera Perfume collection

This tiny picture og this gorgeous bottle.. It's the Peripera Perfume collection. The lid is shaped like a cat with it's tail raised. It's adorable, and I have to have it.. I've never seen anything like it!
So I find out there are only these left on all of eBay. The collection is from 2012!! So I hurry up and order fast!

I order the Pink, Orange, Yellow and Green. When I try to order the Blue and Lavender, eBay won't let me, so I figure they're out of stock. Next day I get this email from the seller:

I kindly accept his offer. I didn't think I would be able to get the Lavender and Blue, but now I got them too =) A bit sad about the orange though..

...But I can't wait to get Nail Mail!!!

Aren't they gorgeous???

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