fredag 17. oktober 2014

New design: My first attempt at animal print

I woke up today and felt like trying new designs. I looked through some inspirational photos on the internet and decided on animal prints. I started with the "cheetah" prints. ( I don''t know why everyone keeps calling them cheetah prints, when it's obviously leaopard fur they're copying... Oh well!) Not very happy with the results. In my opinion the black looks too hard on the soft greens. I think the zebra and giraffe prints turned out good. the zebra stripes could've been more dense though, and the giraffe spots could've been more sharp. To be a first attempt I'm overall happy with the outcome.

For this design I used Peripera Rose Nail GR309 Modern Green and GR310 Mint Candy, on my ringfinger: Joss JFX900 Flash Diamond topped with Gina Tricot184 Fairy Floss

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