torsdag 19. juni 2014

Nail Art Norway: Nail art newbie

Welcome to my nail art blog!

I just recently got addicted to nail art. I have always liked doing artsy stuff like painting, drawing, clay, and other creative things. No surprice I got hooked on nail art... Haha! Now I am building my nail polish collection. I am also adding new nail art stuff like rhinestones, glitter, stickers, fimo stamping machine, LED lamp and more, to my decorating collection every day (Thanks heaven for eBay!).

I have my own nail art page and nail art group on Facebook. You are welcome to join the group, or like the page. I think I will update the page more often than the group, but you are welcome to join both, if you want to make sure you get all the updates

Here is the page:

Here is the group:

I am currently working on a header for my blog, FB-page nad -group. I want it to be a great one, after all I am a Paint Shop Pro veteran. That used to be my hobby years ago. I was just as addicted to that, as I am addicted to nail art now. Don't you just love having a hobby?

Here are some of the nail art I have done. Please remember I am a newbie, and no pro. =)

Have a great evening! =)


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