søndag 22. juni 2014

Nail Art Norway: My experience with purchasing off of eBay

My experience with purchasing off of eBay (And some advice):
Out of 73 items bought and received (Still waiting for some dried flowers), only one item I ordered they sent the wrong item and one item was not as described, besides from that, I got exactly what I ordered! 

I didn't have great expectations to begin with... Maybe that's why I'm so positively surprised? I expected half of the stuff to be useless/ damaged/ wrong item etc. I probably read too many bad feedbacks. LOL! You must expect that the colors sometimes are a little different from the pictures. That's because every computer screen is calibrated differently. Honestly, you can't expect it to look exactly the same.

If you're ordering from Asia, or Oceania, you have to expect 1 -1 1/2 months shipping time. Sometimes it's faster, sometimes it's up to 2 months. I just received an item a couple of days ago, I bought it 16th May... 

I always give feedback (How else would we know great sellers from the rotten apples? IMHO everyone should always give feedback!). I never rate sellers lesser based on lengthy shipping time. I don't think that's fair, because most of the time it's not the sellers fault.

I buy mostly from sellers rated above 99%. Sometimes I buy from sellers rated 97.X - 99 IF I have followed all of these rules:
1. I can afford to loose the money (Small purchase like a couple of $$)
2. I can't find the item anywhere else on eBay or in local stores where I live 
3. I read the bad feedbacks and it's mostly (what I call) "whining" (Slow shipping, wrong color etc.) There are rotten apple in the buyer-basket too...
4. I just have to have it! ;o

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