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Nail Art Norway: My humble nail polish collection

In my post about my nail room there was this picture of my nail polish collection:

As you know I am a newbie, so I am in progress of building my collection. And in Norway nail polish isn't cheap... So I buy a lot of cheap polish brands to use for practice. I hardly ever pay retail, but go Polish hunting in those %-off-boxes that usually are placed by the counter or stashed in the bottom shelves in the store (Lol!) I don't think I've paid retail on any of my nail polishes. Except maybe for some of the Depend, all of the Ruby Kisses, and a few of the H&M ones. They are very cheap anyway. I did paid retail for my Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, Essie All In One Base & Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil - So worth the money!

Enough rambling, let's get to it! - My very humble nail polish collection (In no particular order):

L'Oreal Resist & Shine:602 
 Casuelle no. 8

Maybelline Color Show: 754 Pow green 
 POI: Yodel me on my cell

 H&M: Grafitti - Black/ white glitter
Glitter: Mix glitter, 3D glitter
 H&M: Glitter coral, Cream coral, Glitter silver, Metallic silver

 Depend: 028, 87, 309, 362, 45, 393, 295, 195, 115

 H&M: Scarlet purple, Poppy red, Peacock glitter,
Petrol sky, Golden days, Skyscraper

 Kicks Make Up: (Very hard to read the label
'cause it's partially peeled off but I'll give it a go)
Man milkshake, Carnival fever(?), 
Miss Sunshine, Gelato(?), Stormy Seadam(?)
  Isadora Sugar Crush: 112 Emerald Crush, 114 Chameleon Crush (x2)
Isadora Holographic 876 Disco ball

  Isadora Wonder Nail: 630 Sweet violet,
877 Funky Sapphire, 750 Polar nights

  Isadora Wonder Nail: 700 Bel-Air blue, 765 Poolside,
757 Scuba blue, 714 Lilac bikini

  Isadora Wonder Nail: 612 Sundance, 192 Power pink,
119 Smashy cerise

 Isadora Wonder Nail: 600 Clear, 767 Marshmallow,
769 Mother of pearl, 766 Opal

 H&M: Pink pearl, Prim & proper, Extravaganza, Beautylicious

 H&M: Meet Mrs. Perfect, It's genious M, Stop sign, Amazon

 Max Factor: Nail finity 147 Fresh Rain, 882 Angel Nails
Essie: Beach bum blue, Hide & go chic, Truth & flare, Belugaria

 Essie: Pure pearlfection, All in one base, Apricot cuticle oil

 Essie: The more the merrier, First base, Naughty nautical

 Happy'n Cheap (LMAO!): 754

 H&M: Silver, Green Blush
 H&M: Nudes 1,2,3 & 4

H&M: Base & Top Coat, Pinks 1, 2,3 & 4, 
Base & Top Coat added green eye shadow 
by Nail Art Norway

H&M: Midnight Blue, Fluid Metal, Liquid Copper

H&M: Green glitter, Blue

H&M: Green, Orange

 Inglot: Diamond top coat, 827, 846, 32

Ruby Kisses High Definition:  31, 16, 21, 15, 29, 09, 08

Any comments? =)

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